Rowlett is poised to grow because it has found the perfect balance of roots and wings. New concepts are being brought to the table along with renewable energies. The amazing strength in Rowlett is found in its glorious traditions; sustainable resources that have survived the test of time to make Rowlett both strong and unique.

El Centro Mexican Restaurant epitomizes the vibrant heart of Rowlett and it was the focus of a special visit from Mayor Todd Gottel and the cameras of Rowlett on the Water … On the Move. El Centro is one of the hottest new restaurants in town, but it has its roots in Puerto Escondido Restaurant that opened in 1978. Now, the same family has continued that tradition with El Centro.

El Centro seeks to distance itself from the pack by bringing high quality, enjoyment and customer satisfaction to its local diners and tourists. It features finely-crafted dishes made fresh and from scratch in Rowlett. One signature dish featuring a traditional ensemble paired with sour cream chicken enchiladas is aptly named “The Rowlett.”

Ultimately, we’re about building communities. Strengthening roots that were the original building blocks of growth. Revitalizing areas perhaps passed over by aggressive development to bring back a sense of home town. Mixing old town and old world to created vibrant mixed use communities that combine style and sustainability. (Millennium Road Holdings, LLC)

Rowlett on the Water … On the Move is a monthly news program produced for the City’s Cable Access Channel RTN16 and is hosted by Gottel and Brian Funderburk, Rowlett’s city manager. The segment featuring El Centro is above.

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